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innovation at the neighborhood scale

A Taste of Detroit’s Food Economy

The first comprehensive analysis of the food system of the City of Detroit provides a roadmap for leveraging the system’s economic impact to benefit Detroit residents, businesses, and institutions…



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Bringing Resilience to Two Bridges

A multi-year new economy initiative works strengthen the economic, physical, and food supply infrastructure in the Two Bridges community of Manhattan’s Lower East Side in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy...

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Building Hip Hop's Legacy

Plans are underway to build the first national museum to chronicle and preserve hip hop's past while cultivating an institution that can help nurture its future...


Learn more about Urbane’s management team, their thoughts on the company, and how The Wire influences their work…

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Credit: Jive Records, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

Summer, Summer, Summertime – Associate

Although it seems like Winter has been dragging it’s feet, and Spring is reluctant to say hello, Summer will be upon us soon enough! (We’re cautiously optimistic.) And with a nod to a summer classic from 1991 from DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, we’re happy to say that Urbane is looking for dynamic […]