2 Oceans and a Project Manager – We’re Hiring!

Greetings Urbane Family,

In the most exciting news since Frank Ocean finally dropping his new album, Urbane Development is excited to announce that we’re hiring a Project Manager! I’m already envisioning that you too are freaking out, hyperventilating, and are as excited about this as we are. In fact you are so overjoyed that you are currently sharing this tidbit with your friends, family, networks and coordinating entire Labor Day BBQ’s around this news. AND, you could even play Mr. Ocean’s album – that would be Frank, not Billy, although who doesn’t love a little Billy Ocean? – at this aforementioned BBQ, while informing your eager listeners about this latest opportunity at Urbane.

Please click here for a link to the full job description. Please feel free to share with any individuals you feel would be a good fit for the role and our organization. As always, we appreciate and love receiving professional referrals from our colleagues and collaborators!



Urbane Development is seeking a dynamic Project Manager to join the team. Under the supervision of the Urbane Development management team, the Project Manager will have direct responsibility for a complex project with multiple work streams. The primary focus will be a recently announced project in Brooklyn, the revitalized Flatbush Caton Market. You can learn more about this endeavor by visiting our website or by clicking the hyperlink here. In addition to playing a valuable role as the nexus between vendors, the community, city agencies and the developer, the Project Manager will continue to build trust and relationships, while also collecting and analyzing data and providing recommendations to the team and key stakeholders.

Since January, the team has engaged in the following activities in preparation for the market transition: Community Engagement/Asset Mapping, External Market Analysis, and an Internal Market Audit. This work will inform the development of a comprehensive Market Repositioning Plan, to be completed in the early Fall of 2016, that will inform the future direction of the market. Once the plan is vetted, the team will begin preparations for the market transition over the next nine to twelve months, including: Curriculum Development for Vendors, Market Management System Development, Vendor Technical Assistance (Marketing & Events, Finance & Bookkeeping, Inventory Management, Merchandising, Technology & Digital Integration) and Transitional Market Space Development.

To read more and access the full job description, including application instructions, please click here