About Us

Providing Solutions at the Intersection of Community

Our Mission

Urbane Development is a community development venture that cultivates innovative solutions to build dynamic neighborhoods and positively impact underserved communities.

:: why “underserved communities”

We envision neighborhoods that are defined by their strengths and experienced as places of opportunity and innovation.  We choose to work with underserved communities because where others perceive blight, decay and lack of resources; we see vast potential for growth and prosperity. Underserved urban and rural areas contain substantial market potential – emerging markets on par with any developing global market.  Perhaps more importantly, these communities offer an incredible reservoir of untapped talent.  Scarcity of traditional services and amenities fosters fertile ground for localized innovation, creativity, and thought-leadership.  For Urbane, the chance to collaborate and invest in underserved communities is a no-brainer.

:: why “venture”

We feel there is an investment model mismatch occurring in underserved communities.  Service-based interventions often target an area’s social ills without tackling the root cause, which is the lack of concentrated wealth.  Market-based efforts tend to be extract community assets, finding resource arbitrage opportunities in underserved markets without circulating those benefits and wealth back through those communities.

Urbane utilizes a venture model to marshal financial and human capital investment to community anchor institutions that have shown a commitment for and an operating model tailored to the underserved communities they serve. We seek to leverage the advantages of for-profit enterprise for community benefit by focusing on innovative, bottom-line-sensitive strategies that generate wealth and resource capacity for our clients and their communities.

:: why “business + community”

We focus our work on small businesses and other locally entrenched institutions – particularly independent retailers, schools, community and faith-based groups – because their placement as community anchors offers unparalleled market insight and influence coupled with their unique positioning in underserved markets as powerful, positive agents for change.

:: why “food”

We believe that food is catalytic.  We specialize in helping food-based enterprises and entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level, not only as a strategy for creating local wealth but also as a way to begin to address the social inequity caused by a failure in the marketplace to provide quality, affordable food purveyance in dynamic, diverse, but underserved communities.

Our Services 

We provide our clients with market intelligence and analytics, customized program development, and technical assistance platforms that create value for their enterprises and communities.  Our services are organized along a continuum of planning, design, implementation and evaluation – with the ultimate goal of helping clients get from point A to point B with the greatest efficiency, effectiveness, and impact.