Our Value(s)

Within the existing community development paradigm, success is measured by the number of housing units built or jobs created or amount of revenue generated for a community.  Yet, these are not sufficient measures or outcomes – the quality of the value gained by communities determines how transformative and sustainable the results will be.  For Urbane, our value is our values.

Transformative Relationships

In business and in community development, the relationship with customers and clients is mostly transactional – one identifies a good or service that is needed or desired in the marketplace – a mobile phone, designer jeans, affordable housing – and figures out the most efficient way to deliver that product to a customer.

Urbane believes the path to innovation in the marketplace and sustainability within communities are both fostered by building transformative relationships with clients and communities.  Simply meeting the needs of our clientele is not enough; we invest in products and programming that push our clients to transform their values and behaviors in order to realize their aspirations.

Transformative Experiences

Underserved communities incubate trends that eventually reach the mainstream marketplace – from the cultural and creative, to the technological, to methods of consumer consumption.  Urbane Development places a premium on the process of discovery and the ability to curate transformative experiences tailored to underserved markets and communities.

Transformative Performance

The products, services, and systems we create with and for underserved markets should disrupt the status-quo.  Attaining performance parity with mainstream markets is not the goal, this is about building communities that operate at the cutting edge.  Thus, our products must transform our clients and communities.  We seek to transform perception – to recognize that underserved communities are engines for innovation and prosperity.  Transforming the behaviors of community anchors to build and provide goods and services of the highest quality and caliber.  Transforming values, where the ethos of community-based investment and invention is ingrained in every decision, every action that occurs in the market.

The end result: transformative community development.