The Team

Retail Therapists. Business Developers. Fixers.

The team at Urbane has many monikers, all of which focus on deploying decades of community development expertise to underserved and emerging markets throughout the US and abroad.  Our management team offers an array of skills and experiences in business development, market intelligence and insights, non-profit management, organizational capacity building, and many other salient community development activities that provide the bedrock of transformative communities.

11081316_10152831512163262_1194009626944505268_nJames Johnson-Piett, Principal and CEO

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Naim Brown, Director of Place-Based Investment

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bowtie headshotSunil Narayan, Senior Consultant, Operations & Talent

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Chiara ResizedChiara Passerini
, Consultant

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Mina Addo, Consultant (Flatbush Caton Market)

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In addition to the staff at Urbane, we utilize a network of partner firms and professionals to extend our capacity and add additional value to our clients and communities: Our Collaborative.