New Report: Philadelphia Impact Investing Ecosystem

Philadelphia Impact Investing Ecosystem Analysis In July 2018, Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia engaged Urbane Development through a grant from The Barra Foundation to assess the impact investing ecosystem in the Philadelphia area. A scan of the landscape involved identifying current and potential investors, determining whether impact investment was part of their portfolio, and examining how these investments […]

Development Without Displacement

Community Wealth Building Project Breaks Ground in Brooklyn, with Long-Term Vision for Community Assets Construction begins on mixed-use community-first center to include 100% affordable housing, entrepreneur services center, and a revitalized Flatbush Caton Market, longtime destination of Caribbean commerce and culture in New York City Amidst the seemingly unstoppable wave of gentrification across Brooklyn, the […]

On Pi Day, We Serve Summer Openings with a Side of Sass

Happy Pi Day! And on this Pi(e) Day, we serve up delicious summer Associate positions! If you feel like you need to be part of our illustrious and prolific team, take a look at the job description below and send us you application materials expeditiously. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome candidates […]

Revisionist Diversity and Organizational Excellence

I am still recovering from the opening scene of the Game of Thrones premiere – yes (or maybe yassss!) I was screaming with excitement at the TV; no, I was not dressed as Khal Drogo yet. (That’s clearly a mid-season reveal.) Harnessing my inner Lady Mormont, I mentally prepared myself for the day ahead whilst […]