Bodega TV :: Bodega Down Bronx

We love Bodegas.  We love the youth.  We love NYC (even though Philly is KILLIN’ ’em right now).  And we definitely love the Center for Urban Pedagogy.  Pedantic name aside, CUP does amazing work with urban youth in NYC.  Distilled, CUP wants to create better citizenship and community awareness from the youth they serve.  In the BX, you know the bodega sits at the top of the list in terms of community-scale institutions, so it’s apropos to school the youth (and everyone else) to the inner workings of Bodega Nation.

Check out their documentary – Bodega Down Bronx on Bodega TV here at Bodega Chronicles.  Bodega all damn day!!!

Bodega Down Bronx from the Center for Urban Pedagogy on Vimeo.

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