We believe community anchor institutions are the key to unlocking the vast potential of underserved and emerging communities. Our services target the full spectrum of community development activities – from strengthening existing programming and organizational structures to incubating innovative new strategies and products for your organization. Our process scheme – CoDe 2.0™ – offers a clear trajectory for collaboration; whether you’re interested in a targeted engagement or developing a comprehensive initiative from scratch, we have the right service suite for you.

Check out the sidebar for sample service scenarios that give a detailed look at what Urbane can offer your organization or firm.  Or read about our full process below:

Complete CoDe 2.0™

Case Study:  Government/Public Sector


“You’re the CEO of a municipal economic development agency. You have aspirations of attracting Fortune 500 companies and developing dynamic technology clusters to your city, but all anyone asks is “where are the grocery stores?” Or banks? Or fill-in-the-blank retail segment? You recognize the need to stimulate a dynamic retail environment is the first step to an effective economic development strategy, but need help putting together a strategy that will work for your city’s unique set of assets…”

Urbane works in lockstep with public sector agencies who want to attract, expand, or retain high-quality retail and commercial companies – from mining public data to inform market and site decisions to facilitating retail-specific stakeholder strategy groups to assess key drivers and barriers to attracting high-quality retail. Urbane will help your city leverage its existing resources to develop a data-driven retail strategy that works.


Econ Agency CEO: “You’ve helped us partner with all the relevant retail industry and community players, slice and dice leagues of public and private data, and create a great strategic roadmap for attracting retail. So how do we turn this into something real?”

Let UD turn great data and strategy into a dynamic program built specifically to deal with the assets and challenges of your city. UD will define the program’s scope and framework, determine appropriate staffing and organizational protocols, structure financing and fundraising procedures, and design the appropriate service delivery system based on your current agency’s current capacity for implementation. Whether its retail attraction or another important community development initiative, UD designs programs and initiatives tailored to your community’s needs.


Econ Agency CEO: “Ok, we’ve designed and developed a great retail attraction program. Walk us through implementation…”

At project launch, UD will act as an extension of your organization. We’ll help manage your program, assist you in program staff hiring, vet outside contractors, and implement customized training and capacity building for new and existing program employees. Once the program is up and running, we provide program monitoring tools, on-site technical assistance to program staff and beneficiaries, and create a framework to assess impact. We also will work directly with program clients to implement any supply chain solutions – from sourcing to space design to merchandising – necessary to get their retail ventures to the next level.


Econ Agency CEO: “It’s been a little over a year and the program has some amazing initial successes… and some challenges as well. Any help ironing out the kinks?

Great programs naturally evolve to meet the needs of clients and community, UD works with clients to modify programming to meet the dynamic conditions of the retail marketplace. In the short term, we’ll assess the program for structural inefficiencies – staffing capacity needs, data collection and research design, marketing and outreach protocols, for example, and troubleshoot solutions with you. We’ll engage retailers, developers, and other program stakeholders to gauge their opinions and needs regarding the program. We’ll also conduct a more comprehensive program review, analyzing every element of the program to determine what stays, what gets modified, and what get eliminated. Bottom line – UD is with you at every step of the way.