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Social Enterprise

“Your job is to provide workforce opportunities to vulnerable populations – low-income youth, formerly incarcerated, physically disabled, to name a few. The social service-based model you’ve used may help get your clients ready for work, but doesn’t provide them with marketable skills to actually get a job. You know it’s time for a new model, but need help taking the first step…”

UD’s competitive advantage is found in our design services. We can build a successful program design by layering our industry-specific training systems around your existing organizational infrastructure. Or we can design (and build) a turnkey enterprise, where we develop the entire enterprise framework – from concept, to space design and layout, to supply chain procurement, to workforce training systems. All with a focus on providing market-ready products and services for social benefit. Whether it’s off-the-rack or custom tailored solutions, let UD design a social enterprise structure for you.


“You are the principal of an elementary school in the heart of the city. You work within a system that does not allow for much autonomy or freedom of movement. Your budget is tight and you’re spread incredibly thin, but you believe a better school culture and environment is integral to your aspirations of academic and social achievement for your students.”

UD thrives at creating program and project designs that are equal parts innovative and resilient. UD can create a phased project design for your school developing cost-neutral, easy to implement programming in the short term, while cultivating long-term, comprehensive initiatives with staffing, fundraising, impact evaluation, community outreach, and physical plant enhancements all carefully crafted to build a firm addition to any school. From school food environment to community art initiatives to student entrepreneurship, UD designs programming that add value the school culture.