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Independent Retailer

“Your store has been a neighborhood fixture for years. You carve out a decent living, but margins are thin and competition is fierce. Product to product, not much differentiates you from your competitors, but you know with a little time and help you could not just win your market, but grow it as well…”

UD’s planning and design services help retailers cultivate a clear vision for their businesses through on-the-ground analytics and decision making tools. What sets us apart is our ability to help retailers execute their vision into action. Whether it’s management and department-level store training, store design and layout, workforce recruitment, inventory management, quality control, product merchandising, marketing – if it involves retail operations and management – we can help you implement your program.

Faith-based Institution

“You’ve risen to senior pastor of a community church and inherited the mantle from a neighborhood icon. In some ways, the church has been resting on its laurels and is losing ground to other congregations, as well as to general disinterest. The neighborhood is changing, your parishioners are aging, and you know it’s time to shake things up…”

UD’s process is tailor-made to craft a solution for a waning congregation. We’ll identify target parishioners in your community to better understand their motivations, as well as look at other community service gaps to identify amenities that your religious institution can provide to attract churchgoers. UD will work with your institution to produce marketing campaigns and program events that will stimulate your existing base, as well as introduce you to potential new members. UD will leverage relationships with other community institutions and businesses to make sure your messaging gets cross-pollinated throughout the neighborhood. With UD’s help, we let you get back to what you do best, spreading the word and giving back to the community.