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Real Estate Developer

200,000 GSF of vacant properties are scattered along a struggling commercial corridor. You can develop mixed-income housing with your eyes closed, but your retail development experience consists of cold calling a regional fast food chain while crossing your fingers. This development needs a commercial and community facility concept that will get neighborhood residents and prospective tenants excited.

UD will deep-dive into a community to understand shopping behavior and perceptions, quantify market potential by industry sector and customer segment, forecast revenues, and construct a comprehensive commercial and community facility concept that will create an attractive, unique district identity while appealing to a diverse clientele.


You are a community-based organization working to enhance quality of life in your service area. Your neighborhood lacks adequate options to procure fresh food products. You have to travel miles to get to a high quality grocery store of any scale. You want what all communities want – an affordable, high quality grocery option.

Urbane works with community residents and organizations to a) understand the dynamics that are keeping grocery stores from flourishing in a community, b) analyze the neighborhood to determine the market potential for a grocery store, c) assess the feasibility of a live grocery or other fresh-food based project, and d) recommend a course of action to attract and/or incubate a fresh food venture in your community.